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Am I Jewish Yet? by Jennifer Warren

DON’T SAY “I CAN’T KEEP KOSHER!” (Recipes contributed by Jennifer- kosher ingredients all from CIW canteen unless otherwise noted) 1)Lemon Icing: sugar substitute lemon squeeze plain creamer Mix above ingredients to desired consistency and sweetness. Can use as icing for cookies or as a topping for fruit such […]

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SoCal Radio Blog, by Jennifer Warren

RADIO SHOWS- JEN’S PICKS (as of January 2020): Monday thru Friday: 6 a.m. 88.3fm (various science programs -physicist Michio Kaku and others- most weekday mornings)* 8 a.m. 90.7fm “Democracy Now!” (world/national news/interviews – host Amy Goodman) * 9 a.m. 90.7fm “Tom Hartman” (educational-progressive talk/interviews/call in) * 10 a.m. […]

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The Magical Life, by Jennifer Warren

Visualization is often an important part of both personal and worldly transformation. It is, after all, the bridge between the unreal and the real. We all like to think we are good visualizers, don’t we? But, as with all things, the proof of the pudding is in the […]

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