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DAY DREAMIN’ by Jason B. Thompson

The other day I was in the education department helping this young cat work on getting his GED, and in between his needing my help, I day dreamed. Memorized into a slight trance like state watching the pencil secured between his thumb and forefinger, fanned back and forth […]

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Note To Self, by Jason B. Thompson

“Birthdays are the worst days.” I didn’t say it, Biggie did (RIP). What I said was more along the lines of a Mobb Deep lyric of “fuck birthdays”. Or at least I use to say it. With my birthday falling in this month, I find myself considering all […]

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Untitled, by Jason B. Thompson

I’m a card player. Quite different from what can be referred to as a gambler. Gambling is to bet money on a chance occurrence. Whereas a card player uses his or her natural gift of card sense, plus the acquired technique of manipulating the variables to manifest his […]

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