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Zag don’t Zig

This will be one of the last times I write for about a week. On account of me going to Shelton soon. I’ll be sitting in the intake part of Sheltom prison for a couple days then I will be on my way to camp. So I want […]

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My Addiction

Beading started out just being a hobby of mine, but now I can’t stop! I’ve only had a job for a month in the Three years I’ve been in prison. Only because I was transfered a month after I got a job at my old prison. Then when […]

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Jarvais Warren DOC #353338 DOB – 5.15.84 Assualt in the first degree (8.8.2011-late 2018) Contact info: (put email in search box on Facebook to find me on there also) Shows : Mad money, Sharktank, Squidbillies Artist: Lil wayne, Taylor Swift, Eminem Book: How to make money in […]

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