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A Thank You

Every now and then while I am working on this very blog, I receive an unexpected email from an inmate expressing their gratitude. And it brings me a warm reminder of the service I provide to them. “Hello Suzie….I don’t know if you know it or not, but […]

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Journey Through Doorways, by James DeWitt

Life’s obstacles are God’s unique tactics for improving you. The completion of each obstacle presents itself as a Doorway for what’s next. God is the Master Orchestrator. Each person’s journey is known by the Father and is outfitted with pathways that places them in front of the people […]

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Introducing James DeWitt

My name is James DeWitt and I am 49 years old now. I came to prison at 30 for sexual assault charges because at that time in my life that all that was important to me (sex). I took on behavior that caused me to lose everything and […]

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