Rehabilitation by Random King

Rehabilitations means to restore to customary activity by education and therapy.Therapy is a procedure designed to treat diseases,illnesses or disabilities.Who is the disease and where is the therapeutic treatment to cure us of our sickness?What is the customary activity that needs to be restored?Rehabilitation is a choice, you […]

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A big part of rehabilitation (or, coming to view justice in the proper light) is the shedding of the groupthink that pervades this place. A couple years ago two kids tried to escape by stealing a forklift and taking an officer hostage. One was killed and one caught. […]

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I’ve always thought of rehabilitation in prison to mean that you come to view justice in the proper light. That means giving up the criminal mindset, the idea of prison “honor,” the erroneous views about “snitching” and a hustle. All of it. It’s about changing the things that […]

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