Lonely, by Steven Nall

Lonely is a friend and a common companion. He’s here for me constantly, he always has my back. Where others get distracted, he’s loyal to a fault. He follows me around the Penitentiary no matter where I go. Even when the Cop’s cuff and throw me in the […]

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Lonesomeness, by Nicholas Davis

Most days waking up are just like the last, wake up make coffee, check jpay, hang out til’ count time, maybe catch a show or something……..same s*** different day you know, you see thats the easy part of it all. I’m programmed to endure this daily now, I […]

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Loneliness by Matthew Carr

So it is just so amazing how here in prison we are surrounded and live so close to other people but yet still be so lonely. Its mind blowing at times. There is never really a moment where you are by yourself, or have time just to yourself. […]

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