so tell me why you left, was mother not the best, was it the smoke in your chest. I know you had a habit, a father?should have had it, but you ran like a rabbit, so when I got old enough I was waiting for you…..stagnant. it’s okay,mother […]

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Freedom! by Shara Cooper

I feel so good to be feel Free! With The ability to speak It liberates me! This freedom you would think is for anyone. yet not everyone has the ability to speak freely. The land of the Free is where we reside indeed. Still so many live in […]

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*Ugly Pretty* by Sean Brown

Is it a tragic fantasy, or a beautiful nightmare? A flawed masterpiece, or a perfect mistake which the Dark & the Light both share? Hopeless Optimism in the face of harsh realities Initiates that cataclysmic shift which increases sharp Mentalities, Sparking a whole new Vision. Perception of what’s […]

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