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Introduction Blog, by GERALD TATUM

My name is Omowale Tatum El Bey, known in the UNITED STATES as GERALD TATUM(ENS LEGIS),or(corporation fiction person)in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. My Mother told me that I were born May15,1986.That will make me 34 years old.Her and my Father can state this Claim if they were to testify […]

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Introducing Gerald Tatum

Hotep(Peace) My name is Gerald Tatum a.k.a.Gerald El Bey I’m 32 years of age,Y.O.B is 05/15/86.serving 57 and half years and about to come home any soon threw my hardwork in pain.I am my own Power Attorney-in-Fact,Authorized Representative & Registered Title and Lien Holder on behalf of GERALD […]

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