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Chapter #2, by GEORGE PARDO

the journey of a convict gone good,,, well inorder to survive in the rough streets in bushwick. one of the toughest getto in brooklyn you must have heart.alot of courage.and move fast.and never hesitate to look backwards, when my father got locked down in 1980, we were forced […]

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by George Pardo

GEORGE PARDO 584223, 56.LEBABON OHIO45036… info# puerto rican. 5\8 tall now wieght 178,just cut off my long curly hair to short, my out date ie 11,27,2021, but since im under the new law i can get out earlier cause i get good days because i program,work.good behavior,finish […]

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Introducing George Pardo

im george pardo.latin puerto rican,born an raised up in BROOKLYN NEW YORK CITY,im 5\8 tall an now wieght 178 ,blessed to be 47 years of age.only doing twelve years ,been down out date is 11.27.2021.but my out date changes each month cause i get good days for […]

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