Category: Dwayne Satterfield

by Major McCormick

Looking for love in a cold world…ooh naughty some may say, but thi is wher the person found the most fulfillment. Though love has many faces and can be found in many places who are ou to judge loves hiding place? Rathere it be in a strip club, […]

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Prison Dog Program

Today is a sad day form me. I have to go give the puppy I have been training to its new family. I will never see him again. He has been such a joy to train and work with. I have been in the dog program here at […]

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Dwayne Satterfield

24 years, that is how much time I have spent in prison, continously. Sometime next year I may have the oppurtunity to enter the “real world”. This is a truely scarey thought. I have dreamt about all of things I want to do, now I may get that […]

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