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Changes, by Dujuan Adams

Many changes come about in one’s life, that are not explainable or just not understood. However, it’s our duty as soulful beings, to make justification of it all… realization. ! peace , I am Dujuan Adams DOC #395935

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Introduction Blog, by Dujuan Adams

I’m sending this open scribe through these air ways to find everyone in very good spirits and most of all in good health as well, my name is Dujuan L. Adams, I’m 39, years of age I have been incarcerated since 1/8/2000 and soon to be released 2/20/23 […]

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Special Mother’s day wishes goes out to all the mother”s of civilization and Queen’s of this universe , I just want to take some time out and build and show my appreciation … How I’m seeing today’s reality being that its all about our WIS.DOM, women as she […]

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