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Racism, by Douglas Haddix

Dude did you hear: “The President is the one that killed all those people in El Paso, Texas.” Yes, he is the Commander and Chief of the White Nationist movement according to the Dems. This is the first time since the America Revolution that a sitting President commanded […]

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Revolution, by Douglas Haddix

Is revolution good business? Does the rich get richer in a revolution? Will the poor surivive a revolution? Does the Government get stronger in a revolution? Will the criminal element get larger in a revolution? Can the culture values of a people continue in a revolution? Do we […]

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Today, by Douglas Haddix

Today! I watch the news and its employees that have no true feelings. The medias hire people that look good on the screen. They have no feelings. We look to these leaders for news and direction. But today they wish to direct me into evolution. The news is […]

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