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Iran, by Douglas Haddix

O Iran! Hear the ideas of the men. It seems many socialist have your oil locked and loaded. These socialist cry green and see gasoline. So Iran, your fields will be capped and you will use coal to light your streets and fields. Remember, socialist know nothing but […]

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2020, by Douglas Haddix

Well, it seems the earth is still around. The doomers are still at it with global warming and 12 years. The magic of 11 and 12 will be their hallmark numbers. The system of socialism won’t work and their ideas are dead. 2020 will show the terror of […]

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Racism, by Douglas Haddix

Dude did you hear: “The President is the one that killed all those people in El Paso, Texas.” Yes, he is the Commander and Chief of the White Nationist movement according to the Dems. This is the first time since the America Revolution that a sitting President commanded […]

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