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Live Love, by Donovan Clark

I know that when it comes to traditional religion, same sex relationships and homosexuality are immoral practices punishable by death in this life and/or eternal damnation in the afterlife. And to adherents of those traditional religions I ask, “Who are you to judge and condemn anyone?” Yeshua (Jesus) […]

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We Are At War, by Donovan Clark

Everyday I sit and watch the news and I’m constantly seeing senseless acts of violence being committed. Teenagers attacking an individual, severely beating him because of his sexual orientation. A husband murdering his wife and two daughters, all because he wanted to be with his side chick. Not […]

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Name: DONOVAN DAVID CLARK Age: 39 Intake/Release Date: 2/17/2000; Life “As a child my parents made sure that I was brought up in a inclusive and loving atmosphere. My neighborhood was mixed, the schools I attended had students from various racial, religious, and economic backgrounds, and not to […]

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