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by Demetrius Arnold

Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. What does your heart profess to others, is it encouragement, is what you say deemed to be truthful? Is your heart filled with love, empathy, and genuine concern? Are the people that you come in contact with encouraged […]

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THE ENEMY, by Demetrius Arnold

Who ever should read this please be encouraged to vote on behalf of female and male felons all over who have been disenfranchised by government’s of States that take our right to vote. Just because we have a record doesn’t change our outlook on matters that effect our […]

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I would like to post this shout out to my middle daughter on behalf of her following in her dads footsteps and finishing basic training and joining the ranks of the military…….. Army that is . I am so PROUD of you Sweet Pea. Praise be to God […]

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