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Social Justice by Mr. Davon Motley Sr.

Social justice? In these times it seems as if that’s a myth, urban legend, or some fictitious rumor. I say that because of the injustice we view on TV. Multiple police shootings of unarmed black men, mass incarceration of black men, mass unemployment in the black community, racial […]

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Realization by: Mr. Davon Motley Sr.

Though the sun shines bright and beautiful, from our prospective it always falls away. Then there’s darkness with this bright illuminated white light that seems to not reach us. Sometimes life seems like at any moment everything will come crashing down. Sometimes it feels like everything IS crashing […]

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Icebreaker by Davon Motley

Hello world here’s a little bit about who I am. I was born January 28th in 1988 which makes me 30 years of age and an Aquarius. I’m currently in prison in Youngstown, Ohio. I was arrested in 2014 on January 31 which oddly was my grandmothers birthday […]

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