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FORGIVENESS By Davin Wallace

Since I’ve truly accepted the truth that Christ died for me so that I can have salvation, I’ve realized that Christ act of forgiveness is an example of God’s desire for us to follow. From living a life of sexual morality & other sins to a criminal life, […]

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“Our Storms” by Davin Wallace

Before it seem like Im trying to make it about “me” growing up in low income drug & crime infested housing & “correctional” facilities, I would like to first assure you I’m only 1 out of millions that has, still do & will continue to face the tremendous […]

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Introducing Davin Wallace

My name is Davin Leigh Wallace, I’m 43 years of age, I’ve been incarcerated in The Virginia Department Of Correction since 2006 & my expected release date is 2036. I’m a devoted follower of Christ which ironically came to be during this time I’ve been incarcerated. I use […]

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