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Moments, by Danny Lewis Jr.

You can’t help but think of your first love , your first kiss, your first heart ache, your first kid, first step…..these are moments , moments to never return , only left to hold on to and examine , for the same sensation , to return… Time makes […]

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The Rain, by Danny Lewis Jr.

Every one is so infatuated with the motto , “when it rains, it pours”… Not realising that change is a necessary part of life….rain is the earths refreshment, and also ours…when it rains I think of being cleansed, from what’s above, while living in the filth below…I think […]

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Introducing Danny Lewis Jr

Name: Danny Lewis Jr / Known as (Zion) Inmate # A672443 Age : 33 Release Date: Feb 4 2028 I am a self conscious liberal…. devoted toward knowledge , righteous teachings, education and spirituality and the mother who birthed us all., Mother nature…I am born of Dominican & […]

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