Category: Caroline Peoples

Acceptance, by Caroline Peoples

It takes a certain amount of acceptance to fight against conflictual reality. You have to take the blinders off to see behind the facade this side of heaven. It is convenient to ignore the things that destroy your peace of mind. If fake peace is what you now […]

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Thoughts For Today, by Caroline Peoples

Do you know black history Or the history of our enemy The devil uses the klan To demolish excellence Throughout time he castrated Our man God created Forcing kings up under them Regal is my people Education is our steeple Strength is our blessing Generations.of bloodletting Considered […]

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Locked, by Caroline Peoples

Its been a while since we bonded. I am sitting in confinement for being black. It is sickening to be going through this. There are so many injustices that happen in these industrial complexes. Does the outside world care about what happens to us or is It justifiable […]

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