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Thoughts, by Cameron Parry

Its 9:15 pm in lucasville prison! I am here…. What does that mean? When I started this 10 yr bid, I never imagined my self here! I’m not what you call a person who goes out looking for trouble….. LMFAO! Its definitely just drops into my lap! Hey […]

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Great Day! by Cameron Parry

have you ever just seen a person and been tottaly captivated by her smile and her eye’s? today was a day that, that had happened! I seen a woman, there was a look in her eye’s that showed real beauty! but today is a day to where relaxing […]

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Reasons, by Cameron Parry

I have meet someone who has made my day and life so much easier! I find my self wanting to be around this person, talk to this person as much as possible! I will say this happily ” thing’s happen for a reason ” thank you god for […]

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