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More BS, by Antwan Hood

The trickle down to my situation is crazy there is a whole process that you have to go thru like everything in life so I go thru my process they take sixty days of my computation time but my status remains the same because I never been in […]

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Some BS, by Antwan Hood

Some times you can see a situation being played out over and over again from the outside looking in and be like damm thaw messed up.In our situation the same thing goes on but way worse because a majority of the time its our word against theirs so […]

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Jpay, by Antwan Hood

I don’t know how the system came about but it’s just another cog in the wheel of the big business of d.o.c.. The system has so many flaws in it it doesn’t make any sense.First and foremost I heard about the bs that the people go thru with […]

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