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Don’t Nothing Change, by Antonio Powell

By:SincerelyBenjiiB Spokenword // Poem 24 hours in a day so just listen to what I got to say…..Up at 6 O’clock waiting for the police to pop my cage,,,,Hard to maintain when I’m filled with nothing but rage,,,,I wash my face and I brush my teeth take a […]

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A Dream, by Antonio Powell

I was told a Dream is merely something you just wake up from,,,so open your eyes,,,,well I guess I’m still sleep because I’ll never stop dreaming searching for a way out,,,just to run from my demons,,,nightmares became reality the damage is real,,,so much hurt in my heart how […]

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AFRAID, by Antonio Powell

Poem//Spokenword Afraid………Yeaa that’s the word I want somebody to tell me its going to be OK when I’m really down and out and I’m going through it day for day,,,,Afraid I might lose those I love or they might walk away,,,I just want somebody to listen but even […]

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