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unni Amen Ra El-Bey Tribal member of the Tcho Tchoma Tchopitoulas Choctaw Nation of New Orleans. Halito brothers and sisters! First I give submission to the powers that be, and secondly for my Nation of elders, our Hotep family first lady Raina, my personal savior Ra El for […]

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The Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World, by Anthony Pierre

LEGAL NOTICE! Name Declaration,/Correction Proclamation and Publication I, Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, being duly affirmed, standing squarely, Declare and Proclaim, upon Divine Law; Nature’s Law; Universal Law; Moorish Birthrights; International Law; and Constitutional Law; Declare and say: I, Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, in Propria Persona Sui Juris, am […]

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Introducing Anthony Pierre

My name is Anthony Claude Pierre El Bey, I’m currently housed at Raymond Laborde Correctional Center, in Cottonport, La., my nationality is that of Moorish American, I’m 40 years of age, my full term date is November 19, 2021 but able to earn good-time, I’m from New Orleans, […]

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