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Against All Odds, by Angel Dejesus

I was born with out a father in a little town with no growth, I always felt out of place with no love, “against all odds” I was lost from the start with no tear only dry eyes from the sun and flames that lights the Sky’s all […]

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Life, by Angel Dejesus

The purpose of this poem is for everyone that’s dealing with feeling trapped whether is behind bars or in the world and want or need help, is never easy whenever feeling like this, for me I learn to ask for help, you can to. As I travel thru […]

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LOVE, by Angel Dejesus

I like to dedicate this poem to my partner my soulmate my life, Jennifer Dejesus. I also want everyone who take the opportunity to read this, that as a man incarcerated for 24 years and continuing to work on myself I’ve come to understand that when love comes […]

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