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I MOVED ON by Alan Thrower

By one god Moving forward I found myself reminiscing. old associates from the past, What a blast it was to remind the times so young and blind without any care in the world. the times we shared together are blurred now of memories that brought back feelings we’d […]

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A GENTLE MIND by Alan Thrower

By one god A gentle mind is one of a kind deprived by hate and anguish, a simple language can sooth a gentle mind quietly with resting thoughts, a gentle mind can express deep feelings and inner thoughts without any words being said to understand a gentle mind […]

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by Alan Thrower

DOB: 7/17/91 26 years old Date of incarceration: 3/29/2010 Date of release: 9/29/2019 To whomever it may concern I would like to start by saying Love, Peace, and Happiness in the most genuine way I can explain myself as being. Is there anyone who can see potential in […]

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