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This site is a collection of blogs written by prison inmates. It serves as a platform which allows them to share their individual stories, opinions, talents, and their inner thoughts. I support, understand, and believe that writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing. is managed by Suzie Bosko (

STOP CRYING! by Dean Giacomo

big brother lockdown– REALLY?! this current society has become so soft and are nothing more than vain, self-centered freakin cry babies. You know nothing of isolation and lock downs. you’re a prisoner in your own house, well boo hoo for you you have all your comforts and luxuries […]

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LET’S GO, by Sean Brown

What I’m looking for & what I need, I’ve been searching for outside of Me. What am I doing? Sitting in the mud, jeans all ruined, Denim & dirt, fingernails bloody & broke trying to climb through it. Sliding & falling, trudging along grimey, cold, & wet. This […]

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by Zoila Villa

” LOVE IS……<3 <3…Knowing you'll be loved until time….Love I will always love you end time…. dedicated to my love you know who you arrr…:-) I miss you song by:<3 Beyonce. Dedicated My Love <3, Aquarius Love my life:-) My heart go on.. Celine Dion… Memories bring back […]

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Feeedom, by Noni J. Stinson

You have to have been improsioned to truly understand what freedom is. You can be imprisoned by the limits of your physical body, you can be imprisoned by addiction, self-hate, greed or any other negative behavior or attitude. This is a lesson that I have learned during this […]

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INNER SENSE, by Sean Brown

It doesn’t take much, just a sincere decision, To switch one’s perspective from foggy & blurred selfishness to awakened True Vision; This is the turning point, the critical juncture where Change is born, And We’re able to realign Purpose & recreate the structure of Our norms. Consciously driven […]

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What is Life but a Dream! A Dream that feels so Real, So vivid & bright, camouflaging the Truth behind the Veil. Beautiful lies cushion hard truths & solidify the 5 Senses, Restricting Man’s ability to stretch beyond these 3 dimensions. Length, width, height; distance, space, & time. […]

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Reasoning, by Sean Brown

What does it all mean if it only boils down to chance? If it’s all determined by the direction which the winds happen to advance? An enhanced acceptance equals a sophisticated understanding, Trusting that the best will manifest itself so rolling these dice ain’t really gambling. Yet it […]

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