SUCKER FOR LOVE, by Sean Brown

At first sight, first words, instant Connection,
Conversation minimal, yet still stimulated full expression.
Kismet Visions in tune applaud the Introspection,
Revelations of an optional Path set off deep Reflections.
Why exist in denial of where the Thoughts travel?
Reality bends time to conform as the script starts to unravel.
Jumping in the deep end with no warning, who cares if I can swim??
I’m okay with leaping headfirst towards that beautiful grin.
That Smile… the Intelligence blazing bright within those Eyes,
Lead Me to have no consideration as to whether I’m being foolish or wise.
All of Life is a gamble, We’re forever weighing risk versus reward;
Ego bruised in shambles, or the Greatest Moments I could’ve ever hoped for.
Beautiful Damage.
Outstanding, the way this situation’s managed.
Staying off satellites’ radars so that We’re not topic of talk candid,
So outlandish,
How they operate & live their lives in speculation.
A Sucker for Love,…
Yeah, I’ll be that everyday without any hesitation!

DOC #1083630

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