Angelo Vasquez


It’s hard to go along with some of the ideas on life, some truly believe only physics and are atheist. Cause and effect doesn’t explain much.
We humans tend to take the magic out of things once we learn how to do it ourselves. Once we can explain it away with science it is no longer godly just manly. There’s more than one way to get the same answer and there’s more than one answer for every question.
They point to hereditary when it comes to certain gifts or curses.
Observing humans we can see that they make many choices here and they may leave lasting impressions and even legacies. These have an influence in the spirit world as well, and yes while we are in the spirit world we do things there that influence the physical world.
The way our day may affect our dreams and how our dreams may affect our day. For a few hours we are of the physical world then we grow tired and rest and become of the dream world. As the air we just inhaled was a moment ago of the earth and is now of us soon will be of the earth again once we exhale. The vessel is corpse like only the automatic functions like the pulse of the heart and air being inhaled.
Though it’s the other folds of man that are gone, now they are awake. They come back exhausted to rest while we wake. We sometimes have a new outlook on life depending on what our higher selves had experienced recently.
Today think of where you were before you were born? How similar is it to the place you where before you woke up today? And do you feel it is the same place we go when we ”die”?
While we are here incarnated there are legions of souls that are waiting their individual turns to incarnate while existing in the spirit world. The thing is both worlds are here, not some far away galaxy type deal. That is why we influence each other so much, so constantly, so strongly. The ones passed are still here, as the ones just born just left.
I remember watching my baby sister Victoria sleeping most of her first year here. I’d feel her energetic current raise when she opened her tiny eyes. They stared at me strangely, she would stay awake to eat a little then right back to sleep. The astral and ego aren’t completely molded in the vessel at such a young age and won’t be for a few years. Something similar happens when we grow old and are on our death beds. We become weak and tired and the astral and ego loosen their grip on the expiring vessel. As it holds by a tether for those last days and small durations we can see it if we try. This experience changes your life, it influences you and the place the elder went.
So today remember the Hierarchies inhale and exhale our thinking processes. Really dig mentally, you have these tools you can use and a deep sense of awareness and consciousness are strong tools to get the esoteric job done. Do you possess the inspiring influences to use them?

DOC #G07505

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