Jeremiah Rodgers

If We Don’t Vote, We Don’t Have A Legitimate Opinion, by Jeremiah Rodgers

Hello America. Come have a serious chat with me…and don’t worry, loves, this won’t take long. These are unprecedented and unsettling times, and I know that many of you have been taught to underestimate your power and worth. You might be shocked to realize the immense power and magnitude of just one single vote. One single voice. At the moment there is a malevolent, divisive, and destructive force leading America into oblivion…and I assure you, he’s not just some old harmless baffoon who degrades and despises everyone who is not a Rich White Elite. He is destruction Personified.
If you do not understand that Donald Trump and his allies have a clear, unmistakable, and backwards agenda…then my friends, you haven’t been paying attention. Young people, listen…Trump is merely the glove on the hand that is ruthlessly and aggressively trying to dictate YOUR future, and strip away rights that people suffered and died to gain. Trump seeks control of a future he himself will not see…but his offspring will inherit the political, legal, cultural, and economic consequences left in his wake. His decisions are not made for YOUR benefit. As you can clearly see, Trump is relentlessly seeking to turn the US Supreme Court so far to the extreme Conservative Right, that it will take decades to recover from.
Wherever the Law goes, America follows. The truth is simple…The Wealthy White Elite are afraid of losing their desperate grip on power and privilege. There IS a caste system in America, much like the one in India, only far more sophisticated, complex, and subtle. Power and privilege should belong to every single American, without exception, bias, prejudice or favoritism…and not just to the millionaires who have enough money to bribe crooked politicians.
My friends, your future very much depends on what you do NOW, in this present moment. And speaking of this very moment…Trump is rigging the Highest Court with its SIXTH ultra-Right Wing Justice…which means…abortion rights will disappear. Gay rights will dwindle. And Black Lives will not Matter nearly as much. In fact, no minority will matter as much. I’m speaking fact, not sensationalism.
The White Nationalists ARE in every High Office in the land, and they are fighting for their survival and continued dominance. Isn’t it time to toss them out? I realize it’s an inconvenience and a pain in the ass to Vote–but let me explain why it is a tragic act of nihilism and surrender NOT to Vote. EVERY human being is a force to be reckoned with, and there is immense strength in numbers. The Right-wing Extremists are counting on being able to disrupt this election by scandalizing and undermining mail-in votes, and the fact that there are millions of individuals who have been taught to believe their one single Vote cannot possibly make a difference in the greater scheme of things.
But let me ask you this…For those of you who are African American…YOUR ancestors were enslaved in chains to plantation owners, beaten, shot, raped and hung. How DEARLY would your enslaved ancestors have loved and cherished the legal RIGHT to Vote, and have just the CHANCE to create a better life for themselves and their descendants? YOU are their descendants. Well, they did not have that right…because the White Supremacist Elite would not share it with them. And the descendants of those White Supremacists are in Power today.
For every African American who does not Vote…their ancestry suffered a lifetime of slavery in vain. And YOU who happen to be white–YOU have this magnificent opportunity in American history to Vote away the unspeakable injustices and barbarities this Country was founded on, and to truly begin to bring about the desperately needed systemic change this country is craving. A hundred years ago, women (though only white women) were given the legal right to Vote and share in America’s political power–and that was decided by ONE SINGLE VOTE.
So…no matter the cost or inconvenience…please, you must Vote. The nation depends on YOU. And it must be such an overwhelming landslide victory that the whole world gets the message–and so that the Presidency cannot be stolen. I am for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Let’s make America Great for EVERYONE, for the first time ever.

Jeremiah Rodgers #123101
P.O. Box 1000
Raiford, Fl. 32083

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