Edward Caraway

Introduction Blog, by Edward Caraway

Hello and God bless you. My name is Edward T. Caraway Sr. I am a prisoner at Nottaway Correctional Center. I am originally from Elizabeth, NJ. I have been living in Newport News, Virginia since the mid 90tys. I am 40ty years old and have been incarcerated since the age of 21 for my involvement in a vehicle accident.
I am a devout Man of God (Christian) and only look to help, uplift, inform and encourage as many people as I can, as long as I am living on this earth. If I can turn your frown into a smile then I believe I make my Lord and Savior Proud!! I thank you for this opportunity and I promise to give my up most respect. God bless you all and thanks again!

Contact me at:
1.) Jpay.com- Type my name in Edward T.Caraway #1134204
2.) Write me at Nottaway Correctional Center, P.O box 488 Burkeville, VA. 23922
3.) Contact me on Facebook at Edward T. Caraway

Edward T.Caraway
DOC #1134204

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