Joshua Cole

Buliding with the Herd, by Joshua Cole

its amazing how you don’t how much you really want to live until you are really about to die.
stuck in a jungle were animals feed off the weaker animals that fall far from the heard.its amazing how the herd don’t recognize it until its one of them or one of their young.
in this everyday struggle that we call life some of us sit and watch things happen and the rest of us make things happen.its amazing the only things some of us enjoy making happen is the only thing that is destroying our selves and our communities. while we leave others behind we either watch’um has nature takes its course and watch the stronger animals devour them.or we encourage one another to keep moving forward and keep our bonds strong with one another so no one gets left behind.we stick together and build on that bond as we go that bond grows keeping our bond strong healthy keeps our communities strong and healthy.
if not these animals known as life,time,wealth,negligence, ignorance,time, and many other animals will pick us a live if we do not stick together and hold one another close to guide one another and remind one another.and just a reminder don’t forget a bout the creatures that have yet to come.
see some one help some one and that is the reminder.

than you for your acknowledgement and timeand including the help by hearing my out my thoughts I can finally build bonds with the herd.thank you again.


Joshua Cole
gdc #1000077624

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