Sean Brown

IT IS WHAT IT IS, by Sean Brown

Is it a tragic fantasy, or a beautiful nightmare?
A flawed masterpiece, or a perfect mistake which the dark & the light both share?
Seemingly hopeless Optimism in the face of harsh realities,
Initiates that cataclysmic shift increasing sharp Mentalities,
And sparking a whole new Vision.
Perception of what’s expected can be a boxed-in definition,
Confining ambition within the framework of a cage with narrow limits.
Refusing to stretch the bounds of one’s Potential causes injuries that are self-inflicted.
We’re all convicted by Our Thoughts & everyday decisions,
That’s just Universal Law, We all receive what We’ve transmitted.
We get to pave the Path to Our Destinies, & his great is that?
We create Our own tomorrows, now how scary is that?
It’s no one else’s fault nor is it anyone else’s Victory,
Salvation is personal & each Present Moment stands on history.
They intertwine with every second, alternating with points of view,
So that even as Creation’s happening, there still isn’t anything new.
The Artist is the Artwork, every brush stroke, each chisel of stone,
Every Scene & every Word, every formation of clay molds.
They all tell the Story of Self because We are what We create,
And that’s the difference between Destiny & the theory of blind fate!

DOC #1083630

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  1. It’s interesting Sean, that you say that we are what we create. There’s a lot of truth in that. Maintaining control has its down side. That’s the “I” in us saying “I will”. And there is really only one way to change the outcome on that and that is by saying “Thy will”. Jesus asks us to put Him in the driver’s seat and you only learn and experience what He will actually do for us, what we in and of ourselves cannot do, when we truly take Him at His word and give Him the wheel. That trust is the beginning of the difference between our destiny for ourselves and His destiny for us. Blessings.


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