Josh Blount

Choose Life, by Josh Blount

I went to an NA meeting today and the Just For Today topic was voices. What voice we choose to listen to.

I remember distinctly a few years ago being sober when that bad voice started whispering in my ear. That proverbial devil on the shoulder, “you can get high again, nobody will ever know.”

Unfortunately, I listened to that voice and it pushed we further down that road that led me to where I’m at today.

Whichever voice we feed and nurture is the one that’s going to prevail. It’s easy to listen to the negative voice.

“Everybody is doing it!”

“It’ll make you feel better.”

“You’ve gone too far to turn back now.”

“You’re never gonna change anyway!”

Those are the times we need to seek out a positive voice. A family member, sponser, sober friend or pastor. Spend some time in prayer and meditation and listen for the voice of God. No, it probably won’t be an audible voice but we will find direction if we actually stop and listen. The Bible talks about a still, small voice and Psalms 46:10 tells us to “be still.”

John 10:10 tells us about the two opposing voices.

The voice of the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy!

The voice of God wants to give us abundant life!

I choose life!

Josh Blount

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