Inmate Blogger: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Imprison A Soul

No matter how strictly-guarded a prison, the soul remains free.

Some people may assume that people behind bars stop thinking, stop expressing themselves, and stop dreaming. Nothing could be further from the truth. In prisons all around the country, there are men and women continuing to live their inner lives, their hopes and emotions no less real than any other person’s. They have thoughts and ideas to share, and through writing, they can do so, putting their minds down onto paper to share with the world. On, they can find a community of imprisoned writers, all joining together to put themselves out there and experience the freeing power of writing up close.

In “Inmate Blogger: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Imprison a Soul,” Suzie Bosko is offering readers a glimpse into the imprisoned writers to whom she has reached out. She has devoted herself to creating an outlet for prisoners, enabling them to publish their works online and shine a light on their unique world perspectives. For anyone who wants to see what imprisoned people see and understand them more fully, this book is an invaluable treasure, affording insights and close-up views unlike any other ever released.

In this heartfelt book about the resiliency of the human soul and the constancy of our emotions, you will learn about imprisoned people, about life, and about yourself. The lessons that you glean from these true-to-life stories are sure to remain with you permanently, making an indelible mark on your consciousness and sticking in your memory every time you think about the prison system and what it means to the people who pass through it.

At a time when there are more prisoners in America than ever before, the points that Suzie calls forth are important ones. From one page to the next, she will expand your concept of prison and prisoners, leaving you with the sense that there is plenty of work to do – and a clear way to do it. By empowering imprisoned writers, she has taken the lead, jump-starting the all-crucial work of finding forgiveness and compassion. Simultaneously challenging, elucidating, and comforting, Inmate Blogger will remind you of what it means to reflect on the biggest and most complex circumstances in our lives and the right way to approach these circumstances, knowing that our opinions will affect and shape others.

Learn, grow, and embrace your humanity.

Buy the book today at:

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Available as an ebook and in paperback.

All proceeds from this book will go toward maintaining the Inmate Blogger platform.

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