Melvin Shaw Jr.

THE SHOT CLOCK: Take time to look at your surroundings and lifestyle, by Melvin Shaw

when you read that above what is your first thought? how does it make you feel when you sit in just repeat it afew times ! pretty harsh huh?
well the whole point of that is to help you YESYOU !! open up your eyes to weigh your options, to many times have most of us failed by making poor decisions in people . because we people are so instant and blinded nowadays that we fail to seek out the real and fake, you have to slow down from being instant in put people through test before you fall for the bull crap
people will come around because of what they may have planned for you already with out you not even knowing. a person can have you so blinded by giving you outstanding attention making you laugh in telling you things you been craving to hear cause you are so desperately vulnerable. because of the lack of attention you recieve around the people who have been with you the longest. before you get so side tracked THINK FIRST to self. why is this person really coming around is this person genuine or not . we sometimes push away the ones who are genuine in have unique about there self ! don’t become a laugh now cry later situation. seek out the real from the fake. a person that over compliments has hidden intentions. a person that comes to you in gossip about other people is usually a person not worth having around!..
they can start out as good people but slowly people true character comes out in if you don’t catch on you will slip in reveal your life in you too will become the person to get talked about ! choose wisely. not everyone has hidden intentions. this is real life we have to be carful. we get lucky sometimes in get a clue from a friend of what we are lacking or up against. its your life shape it the right way or you too will regret not listening.

Melvin shaw jr
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