Adam Hudson

Being Board, by Adam Hudson

This day has seemed to be longer than yesterday but it is still 24 hours. Today has just been one of those days…boaring What sucks though is with this covid-19 mail is real slow. And I pass time writing letters, but no one is getting mail from me and I’m not receiving their mail….not in a very timely manner. And with me being in a maximum security prison were locked down most of the day accept for when we go eat and recreation. I’m stuck in a cell with no TV to watch and I have a hard time reading. So I don’t do a lot of reading. so I mostly sit in a cell all day doing nothing, thank gosh for Inmateblogger. I just wish I could read the comments on my blogs. oh well. I don’t got too many people to call. I’m slowly starting to be forgotten by friends I had and some family is slowly drifting away….from me.
I just wish I someone would land in my lap and be a friend for life. I want to pass theses days. This is so boaring.
who all listens to music on a regular?? here is a song for y’all to listen to ” Paradise, by coldplay. ” that’s the song that is playing at this very moment (8-19-2020 8:19 pm.) I love that song. well I guess ima end this blog.
Till next time be safe and God Bless

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, Oh. 45699

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