Sean Brown


We’re not promised tomorrow, barely promised today;
Yet the future’s shaped by every Thought, Action, & Word We say.
The Present Moment is all We have so Our Destinies are right now,
Time’s relative to Perception, what We choose to do, & how.
Our decisions are the #1 factor for everything We experience,
From the major Life-altering options taken all the way down to the teeniest,
Tomorrow can only be heard by raising Today’s Voice.
The Ideals which We hold as Our banners should reflect Our Souls’ Sun,
Because it’s not so much what’s said, but what Our Thoughts revolve around that We Become.
A life’s sum results from every Reason, Intention, & Purpose;
So We can be products of environment & circumstance, or live Our lives decidedly Curse less.
It’s up to Us individually & Collectively as a Whole;
One GOD, One Aim, One Destiny, One Spirit, Body, & Soul!

DOC #1083630

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