Sean Brown

P.O.W. by Sean Brown

A Prisoner of War.
How’d I even end up here?
Does that really matter for real?
The reasons become irrelevant because all I know is that I gotta survive.
The main goal is to make it out alive;
Body, Spirit, & Mind,
I’m …refusing to die.
Got to keep a grip on My Sanity.
Got to overcome the oppression & calamities.
“You know what they’re doing so just hold on,
You can’t fall into the ruins singing sad old songs,
Stuck in the past & suspended in Time”
I know man, I got this. I won’t be left behind,
Wallowing in misery, despair, & bitterness;
Trapped inside of Thoughts infected by the sickness,
Surrounding My environment.
It’s so easy to fall victim to a cypher of violence.
The only Path which leads to Rehabilitation.
Distractions are My demons,
But I remain focused on My Destination.
Infinity is My Identity,
And the Most High won’t let Me fail My Destiny.
A Prisoner of War,
Yet My Soul continues to Soar.
Just a prisoner in name,
Everyday My trinity shines with GOD’s Eternal Flame.
Life’s become so much bigger than Me,
All of My fallen comrades breathe & live through Me.
Sacrifice… is the Key to Salvation.
A Prisoner of War, but still a Warrior for Liberation.

DOC #1083630

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