Billy Legrone


Reality haunts me, stress me, and wake me out my sleep lately. Entering prison at 16 yrs old and turning off my aspirations and emotions here for 12 years and now having jus 11 months remaining on my sentence its been difficult to turn my mind back on. It seem that I should be ecstatic, but my optimism is shadowed by nervousness I can’t shake. People ask me about my future plans and I hadn’t thought much of it overtime bc after being sentenced to 13yrs(at 16) I never felt it was logical to make plans so far off; who can kno who’ll be present to support my transition home and help reestablish myself in a healthy way?? Who can predict the state of the world or even myself 13 yrs ahead of time? How can I know who really for me when jus last year the same people who said they’ll always be here aren’t here now?? Ive grown and educated myself IMMENSELY! with college credits as well as trade classes, skills, and the regular maturity of life and now as I start developing these final plans I’m looking for any advice or rapport that could help inspire or challenge my energy back to life. Any healthy energy for me to draw on or any words of encouragement and understanding. I’m looking for a healthy energy to couple with mine, if you willing to test this water then add me on jpay sap…!!


DOC #A564-566

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