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Leading By Example (cont), by Alvatina Flucker

****A Nation In Chaos****

This has been the most inconsistent and unstable period of incarceration that I have experienced during the almost 30 years I’ve been down.

It has been really tough trying to find a new normal…….

So, I know that it HAS to be worse for those of you in the free society——-but truth be told, are you really free?

I’ve blogged about a few different subjects, but they all surround one particular topic……LEADING BY EXAMPLE!

Our Nation at this time is truly lacking the leadership qualities that are needed to pull this world into order! To restore worldwide peace!

I tried to steer away from any particular religious preference, because I wanted to attract all nationalities, all religions and all races. However, I must admit to the fact that MY religious preferences are the mitigating factors in the choices that I make. Due to the fact that I believe the things written in the Holy Bible, my life today is based on those beliefs.

As I shared before, one of my chaplains told me that if what I believed was real, then my life should reflect the realness of what I believe.
As I watch this nation in wide ranges of political unrest, I believe that one word from a person of great political influence can pull our nation from the brink of destruction.
Nevertheless, what is it that America believes?
Yes, I am incarcerated and wholly responsible for my past choices, decisions and actions, which is the reason that I am eternally dedicated to living by example with the truth that I’ve acquired.
I do NOT claim perfection, but I do claim commitment to change…..change of choices and decisions that affect others negatively and implementation of positive choices and decisions that provoke lasting and effective change.

I think of John Lewis………..
All the way up until his last breath he fought and stood for equality and left a positive and an eternal impression on this world for generations to come. Setting a precedence that some changes are worth fighting for…….a good kind of trouble!

I also think of former President Barack Obama………
Our nations first black President! He has and is continuing to add to this nation and living an example that is still encouraging our future generations to be the change they want to see.

Our former First Lady, Michelle Obama………
She has been dubbed #foreverfirstlady on twitter and that title comes with a fierce ability to not only stand strong by her highly famous husband, but to also hold her on abilities as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lawyer and as her own famous public figure.
The saying is true..behind every great man is an even greater woman!

THEN—-I think of President Donald Trump…………
while he is a very witty business man, the lives of the American people cannot be governed as a business is governed.
In the business world, the customers are almost always right—to a certain extent.
To attract loyal customers, you MUST meet “their” needs.
Yet, it is obvious that the only thing that is important to the President is himself. Look at the trail of people who have been fired and those that have gone to prison or lost their hard earned living being loyal to Mr. President.
Look at the blatant obstruction of justice and we can understand why the nation is in it’s present state.

The United States of America was founded on biblical principals and America has strayed so far away from those principals, no wonder our nation is in such chaos and turmoil. However, those of us that was taught and raised to apply biblical morals, standards, integrity, principals and character no matter how bad you have been, you don’t stray too far away from those things that were ingrained within your heart.
During times like this is when the things inside you will reveal itself, either for the good or for the not so good.

I remember that people use to turn down their music in their cars when they rolled up on a church…….
They would hide their cigarettes and beers if they were smoking or drinking when Christian folks walked up on them…….
They would say yes sir or no sir, yes ma’am and no ma’am…….
They helped the elderly cross streets or get on the buses, helped carry groceries, helped do their yards……..
Neighbors helped each other with food and clothes, helped watch each other with their kids…….

All those things are perverted now and everyone is skeptical of each other, ready to kill in the blink of an eye.

What this all boils down to is the reality that America has strayed away from…….
“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Everyone have “their” own definition of what One nation under God means, taking out of context what our forefathers intended, but there were clearly biblical principal’s that was the foundational roots of our birth as a nation.

It has been a positive result of this incarceration for me, in the sense that I’ve learned to apply the things that is vital to living a successful and productive life–even in incarceration.
I had a rough start and it has not been easy, but because I do NOT want the same results from my past actions…….I PURPOSELY set out to live a productive and effective life.
Sometimes that means being wronged to be right……
Sometimes it means being quiet when you want to yell from the roof tops…….
Sometimes it means standing alone for what is right when no one else will…..
Sometimes it means taking your last to meet the needs of another…….
Sometimes it’s listening even if you don’t agree…..
Sometimes it is respecting people in their differences……

Becoming the change you want to see is quite a task!!!!!

Any comments, suggestions or input contact me at:

Alvatina L. Flucker #507101
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 SW 377th St. Ste #200
Florida City, Fl 33034

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