Angelo Vasquez


How many of us have sensed a strange energy while trying to sleep?
That period of time when you’re still slightly awake though about to really sink into oblivion is when I know “they” are around. I’ve been able to sense them since I was a child and so has my mother and her father, our family calls them the “shadow people”.
Some spirits never incarnate into physical vessels so I wonder if some only inhabit already incarnated vessels during certain states of its consciousness? Not as a malicious possession, though more of an experience and a part of life for them. I think it may be a magnetic occurrence from us when our exoteric energy/current is exhausted and our esoteric-receiving energies/current are left and these beings are in another state of consciousness as well and when near one another we attract our signals and mesh.
When our exoteric energy/current is spent our esoteric-receiving energy/current is able to expand its field like a satellite at the best degree to receive.
With us it’s the best state of consciousness due to type of energy used instead of the best angle or degree. Also the type of thought-forms in our aura is the type of beings we may attract. Emotions such as hatred and anger will bring those type of beings and vice versa in all ways. It is why we are told to find balance our whole life.
I experience this nearly nightly and wonder does anyone else? I think this perfectly demonstrates how we are the earth as the earth has its satellite (the moon) we develope our moon at the time of rest after our sun energy is depleted. Most people I ask have experienced this type of situation but write it off as “demons”.
I think it’s far more than that. Do you?

CDC #G07505

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