Sean Brown

INNER SENSE, by Sean Brown

It doesn’t take much, just a sincere decision,
To switch one’s perspective from foggy & blurred selfishness to awakened True Vision;
This is the turning point, the critical juncture where Change is born,
And We’re able to realign Purpose & recreate the structure of Our norms.
Consciously driven forward constantly towards Destiny,
Pursuing the best We can achieve without compromising Our celestial needs.
That balance on the Pivot is essential to Ascension,
Shaking off stagnated thoughts & bursting from states of animated suspension.
Choose wisely. This is how paths get forged;
This is where legends are formed as outdated modes of thinking get scourged.
Choose wisely. It’s all about Our Choices;
Tuning in to Divine Inspiration & disengaging from social voices.
Aspiring to Greatness means never accepting mediocrity,
Being true to Self requires admitting to one’s moments of hypocrisy.
Double standards permeate status quos,
Unfortunately that seems to be the standard practice though.
So it’s up to each person to be a Beacon of Truth & Light,
Even if it’s only shining towards Self in order to gain deeper Insight.

DOC #1083630

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