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I think there should be a little bit more of a stir than there is about the horrific prevalence of pedophilia within the priesthood and boy scouts alone , not to mention in other parts of the world. Its one endless tragic revelation after another. I mean think about it- this has been going on for a really long time, especially within the priesthood since it has been around for centuries. I can’t help but think the priesthood must be a little unsettled by the relatively recent emergence of the boy scouts. If anyone immediately perceived the potential perniciousness of this outfit, it was the priesthood. The hairs about their pubic must of stood up when this organization arose up out of the still fledgling U.S. and bent their ear toward the forest campfires crackling in the ominous spring nights as this new society of young boys and their eager adult male leaders huddled hidden in the crisp night whispering about their secretive adventures… “Oh ,those devious bastards ” the priest must of began muttering to themselves, ” their recruiting!”
And so it began , the great race to obtain as many young boys into each group they could. It basically is analogous to the cold war between the U.S. and Soviets. Even though both the priest and boy scouts have the common enemy of the media and law enforcement and may collude in order to undermine the efforts of these problems, like Churchill , Roosevelt and Stalin against Hitler, each feel a envious resentment toward the other and perhaps send spies into each other camps and build their armies and amass as many boys as possible in order to have the secure feeling of being undefeatable.
The priesthood has been around much longer than the Boy scouts, but the Boy scouts have emerged with the unique qualities that will allow them to evolve super fast and powerfully making them a formidable foe to contend with. When the allied forces finally put down the axis powers and the nations of the U.S. and Soviet Union realized their very unlikely alliance was no longer necessary it became null and the race was on. The U.S. snatched up Werner Von Braun , the genius rocket scientist and his colleagues that the Nazis used to advance their weapons of mass destruction , all before the Soviets did…Lucky us. Then both the U.S. and soviets embarked upon the hyperdriven dual race to stockpile nuclear arms and achieve space flight – none of which was done in the spirit of friendly competition – it was strictly to see who could show more of their ass to the world and outdo the other in a claim to world dominance and superiority.
Well , same goes for the boy scouts as it emerged as a national entity with its claim of embolding and preparing young male youth for the hardships of life – in reality it was really preparing them for hardships – like all the trauma that comes with sexual abuse and the the will to move on in the face of adversity. All the while the priest were stiffening up ( not that way – well , sometimes that way) and listening in…They must of looked around casting glances amongst each other , instinctively knowing the true intention decades before America would open its eyes and acknowledge the terrible truth.
And this surreptitious cold war and its dubious labours echoed throughout the chilly dark nights with its high pitched ring heard only by the treacherous hordes tuned into such obscure and sinister deeds. ” Their stealing half the pie ” the priest mutter, as the boy scout leaders across the vast country recruit their prey and drain their souls like vampires drinking blood from the jugular of victims in shadowy corners , killing some but turning others.
First of all , I’m betting that some of the first men to conceive of this concept didn’t even have children. If someone would of intervened and asked them ” Do you have kids? No …But you thought up the idea to , um , dress up a bunch of little boys in shorts and little decorative badges and bandannas and take them out to remote areas in the woods , at night and separate them into specific groups for the sleep over ?”
I can see them rubbing their hands together devilishly with evil squinty eyes grinning like a Cheshire cat ” he he , the world won’t suspect a thing! ha ha!
Really? No one suspected a thing? This didn’t raise red flags for anyone? I guess they played it smart and sniffed out a few pedophile men with children to attenuate any suspicion. I don’t know exactly when the boy scouts was created , but it very well could be a inadvertent creation of the priest themselves. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disease that is spread literally like vampirism, passed from offender to victim when they committee the assult. So during all the time that priest molested these young boys many of them probably went on to become offenders themselves as a result of earlier years of sexual abuse by the priest.
They must wonder from time to time and know deep down that this rival group taking from their stock is a monster risen from their very own debauchery. They stare off into space and imagine all those boys they don’t get sitting around the camp fires whittling wood ( wood , um , boy wood ). A priest says the monster we’ve created has birthed this fleet of zombies rising to feast upon our food. We must control it. The church has reigned supreme with an iron fist instilling terror and killing like any good religion calls for. We can’t be beat by a bunch of boy loving men in vest and handkerchiefs. Damn it! ” one priest exclaims. “We’ve created our own enemy.”
Another scolds him ” Don’t be blasphemous , taking the lords name in vein”
Both priest as well as others present sit in the still silence for a moment…And finally all erupt in laughter ” Oh , that’s right – I guess it doesn’t matter ”

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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