Shavia Thompson

You become what you believe, by Shavia’ Thompson

as I lay in my bed I think about a few things… my son, my dreams to make it in music, the friends I’ve made along the way.. all of these things keep my mind busy. i have been sitting for hours writing all of my goals and how I’m going go reach them. there’s no doubt in my mind I won’t go far in music. I see myself doing songs with rihanna, Nicki minaj, drake, DJ khaled, tee grizzley, the weeknd and more. when I watched the BET awards a few weeks ago it was eye opening how many new artists there were. that got my mind thinking a lot more. I can do this and nothing is stopping me, not even this record of being a first time felon. regardless of anything I’m going to achieve what I want in life. I want my son to be taken care of to the highest level. I want him to look up to me and say “if my moma chased her dreams then I can too.” some people laugh at me when I say what I wanna do but I don’t care.
I will become what I believe.

Shavia’ Thompson
DOC #WG3695
Central California Women’s Facility

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