Richard Moore

Corrections And Shout-Outs, by Richard Moore

Okay. So I recently wrote a couple pieces entitled Old Wounds and The Perfect Night, respectively. This, hmm, poem, The Perfect Night, is clearly and intimately related to the account given in the Old Wounds piece… but it isn’t. I failed to clarify this in a footnote or some other device within The Perfect Night piece and, after, I didn’t think it really all that important to address the issue. Probably anybody reading them doesn’t know me and the discrepency just didn’t seem that significant. On a certain level it could even be said to be true.
However, I’m consciencious about being up front and truthful in what I say and this voice in my head keeps nagging at me to straighten this out. I won’t be at peace until I make this right. Also, on the million to one chance that the subject of these pieces, Melanie, should come across these writings for some reason, she would almost certainly conclude something that wasn’t accurate.
So after writing the piece Old Wounds, I got the idea to try and write a poem using the feelings and situation dredged up in this account. The Perfect Night is what I eventually came up with (Hey! I’m not Robert Frost.). It wasn’t written as any sort of follow-up to the Old wounds piece, though it is apparent that that’s just how it appears in retrospect.
After working on it and working it over, I became curious to see how people might respond. I wanted to get an objective critique. So I submitted the piece with the intent to have it looked up for responses (Remember, I have no access to internet, otherwise I wouldn’t be on this site.), neglecting to consider that the similarities by using the accounting in the Old Wounds piece as a basis for the, hmm, poem would naturally send to its being taken as a further commentary of sorts to the Old Wounds story.
Oops. Dumb inmate.
So there it is. I could continue elaborating but do you really want to hear it? Do you really care? Probably didn’t pay much attention in the first place, but I feel better inside. If you have any smart, sarcastic, or just plain hateful comments, please send them to me by the U.S. Postal service.
Also, I would like to express my appreciation at being given this platform to show people all over just how messed up and stupid I really am. Prisoners haven’t had much of a voice in the past. Donald Trump has NUMEROUS outlets to display what a piece of shit HE really is. But inmates have traditionally been the “silent” criminals. OUR ignorance is kept out of the limelight.
Oh. Did I write that out loud?
In all sincerity, I wish to convey the deep gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to be able to reach ou beyond these walls and touch people in the real world. I hope my words do not create too much more negativity in this world. Perhaps, I may even be able to affect some sort of positive influence.
Much thanks and love.
Keep it real.

Peace and Love

Richard Moore
DOC #a470020

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