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Excommunication, by Davin Wallace

To the beautiful body of Christ. Greetings & love as always. Its always my obligation & pleasure to build the body of Christ by building my bros & sisters individually as I also seek & receive the encouragement & strength to grow & move forward in Christ. Its always about Christ first, and in that, u can be sure my intentions are always of love concerning my siblings. The devil’s workers are those who are hell bent on staying in & keeping others in darkness/confusion, and honestly its some who do the devil’s work unintentionally & ignorantly.
Without irrational saying who is right or wrong I would like to share scriptures with u with hope that we will all move accordingly.

Excommunication: Is the putting out of the community. Temporary suspension.
Read Matt. 18:15-17; 1 Cor.5:11; 2 Cor.2:5-11; 1Cor.1:20; Tit.3:9-10

Matt 18:15-17 specifically says, 15.If a believer sins *against u, go *privately & point out the offense. (Its nothing wrong with pointing out the offense so that the one who sinned against u can confess it). 16.But if u are unsuccessful, take one or two others with u & go back so that everything u say may be confirmed by two or three witnesses (this not only give witnesses, but this also gives wise counsel and a balance of justice so that the accuser won’t also have the ability alone to also serve an injustice ruling such as excommunication). 17. Then if the person still refuses to listen, take your “case to the *church” (not take your judgement/decision, but your case so the body of Christ can make a such decision). Then if he or she won’t accept the church’s decision, treat that person as a pagan or corrupt tax collector (separation as not walking with the wicked (wicked can be simply in opposition of Holy Spirit or the Word) but continuing to still love them).

Keep in mind that this type of excommunication comes from such sins against another believer that it warrants proper procedure according to the Word of God, not man, not even a pastor’s law.

In Cor.5:9-13, Paul warned his people to avoid close relationships w/other believers who were in denial about their sins, (Who is in denial of their sin?). But they were not to totally isolate themselves from unbelievers either. They were still to share the Good News with people who needed to hear the message.
Now 2 Cor.2:5-11 call us to see & deal with our own error & take accountability.
This is the true way of our Lord. He who doesn’t follow the instructions of God is surely following the scheme of Satan.

Please read 1Cor.1:20 so that we will remove our foolish self knowledge & what we believe to be wisdom, and allow God’s wisdom to be our guide.

In Titus 3:9-10 excommunication relates to division concerning spiritual pedigrees (genealogies) or obedience to the Jewish law or quarrel about the Word of God. Quarrel here isn’t speaking of personal disagreements nor opinions of a believer. Excommunication here only relates to when a person or people have turned away from the truth (God’s Word/Jesus Christ).

The Word of God instructs us to do things decent & in order, which is to do things according to the Word of God.

Now read Eph.4:11 to have an understanding of our leaders responsibilities, and of whom authority belongs.
We’re called to be the Church according the Word, not play church according to our liking.

Love, grace & mercy was given to us all by God at cost to His own life. Glory be to God that by His spirit we can manifest love, grace & mercy at the cost of our self reputation, righteousness, careers, feelings etc. This is love for the whole church from the top to the bottom, so if u miss that I was talking to all then u missed a great message & blessing.
Love & God bless all!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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