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Live from M.D.O.C., by Harvey Banner

season one final episode
Say wet-wet why y’all whip dog ass like that? Deadpool say he switched up one the goods says “the kid” what,? who the funk is deadpool? asked Harv Flame on all over says wet wet! let’s see so they walk over to a guy with no shirt on and he was burned all over and looked just like the deadpool guy. This can’t be real what happened to him asked Harv. Oh he cook, and cooked himself just as the were talking T-rex had gotten a hold of “the kid” he had a long rod sharpened like a pencil and was stabbing “the kid” saying “oh yeah we soakin wet” he stabbed the kid about 30 times and left him laying in a pool of blood he then looked right at wet-wet and says 313 wit a little dirty dirty and walked away so we left too wet-wet went into protective custody peanut went home to his Church Harv and Tre were left now with dead pool rip and lil Dee who was now working in the wardens office…………. see you next season!!!!!!!

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241

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