Barbara Phillips

Introduction Blog, by BARBARA PHILLIPS

Hello my name is Barbara Phillips. I am 51 years old. I have served 23 years on this life without parole sentence. I appreciate this opportunity and platform at inmate bloggers to share wisdom and love.
At this very moment I am enjoying some jazz music, as I type this one peck at a time 🙂 I still had a pager, when I got arrested. I believe that we should never stop learning. As long as my heart and mind is open, I can still learn even in this environment. We are the ones who put limits on ourselves. So I hope whoever reads this will be encouraged and not let covid-19 define you.
True, I am staying safe in this cell, I wear my mask, my glasses protects my eyes, and I wash my hands every time I come from outside, we all should be mindful anyway, right? Pollen always trigger my allergies, so I treat covid like pollen, except it is more deadly. Anyway, please be safe out there.
So I’ll be closing for now, but never my heart for my blog.

Barbara Phillips #W84247
CIW LA-259
16756 Chino-Corona Rd.
Corona, Ca. 92880

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