Jeorgina Davis

Following Dreams, by Jeorgina Davis

As children we have always been told to follow our dreams. In some cases as adults those Dreams change. Speaking for myself, I still have those Dreams, there just not called Dreams anymore. My Dreams are Visions. Visions I believe I can achieve. Everyday I set small goals, something I can get done within that day that will help me get one step closer to my Vision of self. If I’m not able to complete that small goal then as positive punishment I must do 25 push ups and so on. In this challenge I’m able to see where I’ve gained. Mental or physical? I’ve always wanted to run my own business but I never took the right steps to do so. Now I may have fallen so far behind that I might not be capable. In reality failure is not my future. To long I have hidden my true potential from the world, within doing so the world wasn’t able to see who I really am and thats a downfall that’s hard to live with. Its not too late, I’m Ready and Willing to get results out of life.

Jeorgina Davis
DOC #WE8817

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