Harvey Banner

Live from m.d.o.c., by Harvey Banner

Peanut gets released:
Whell brothas they dun let me come back up here afta my release so can talk to ya about the clawd down at The New Beflaham Bethal Baptist Chuch located in da hawt of Daytroit on Seven mile and Crenshaw huh! We gat da new haf way house fo yall dats gettin ready to get out. Now see dis aint no avrage sitation anybody thats intrested need to get wit me afta. I dunn went down here and tol these peeples bout yall and how the covid is kill deese brothas and they tol me that icould hep so i tell dem and yall the clawd dunn sent me back here to deliber a message huh, and da message is cleer huh, today, huh,i said today huh yall gonna be freed jus lik dey did me yall getin reddy to be free.. the clawd said in Liviticus chapta 2 vurse 2 da light shall be yo salvation an throo me the lite will shine and you will be free can i get a aman, i said can i get a aman. it also says in furst peter chapta9 vurse 187 i rather die on my feet than live on my knees ah my ninja please we in it to win it so go home if you dont wann talk den get off the phone……as he continued Harv and Tre got upp to go outside Tre: man he be tippen hard. Yeah i know says Harv aint none of that sh!t in the bible says Tre No! says Harv it is this fool done went and did his own version of the bible after he found out the history about KING JAMES, man this fool thought it was the basketball player so he went and said he knew the real meaning and put his together and got that joint published. c’mon we fento go holla at rip he know…………………….. so as Harv and Tre go to see Rip they pass wet wet”I’m bout to 269 this fool he think wet wet a joke wet wet was arguing with T-rex Imma 269 yo ass you dun took my fuel and aint gonna give me to ackright! before t-rex could answer pop! wet wet hit him then “the Kid” jumped in and hit him how we gonna go to the moon when you jackin our fuel pop!pop! they was whippen T-rex ass Harv yells, ONE TIME!!! and everyone dispursed. Damp hem fool was kickin his ass says Rip you seen that Yeah! what all up to? We was on our way over here to see you tell htis fool about pnutt bible!! AWE man you didnt go for that did you? ask Rip this fool done went mad he say the bible aint real and they didnt translate the hebrew right aand since he know how to read the hebrew he can tranlate it to english like we speak today not like the old thee, thou, and stuff like that but this fool dun went and put slang in the bible forget about that wet wet back gettin blowed again he quit for a while but now he goin strong as ever lets see if we ccan get sme laughs outta him..

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241

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