David Hosley Jr.

by David Hosley

Im just wondering why I’m sitting here watching this documentary on the defeat of Al-Qaeda an the rise of ISIS shortly after that, in between both of those the Iraqi government became a different faction of Muslims and started extinguishing other factions of Muslims for trivial reasons. I’m sitting here watching these Iraqi people talk about how relieved they were when ISIS took over the government and came to power because they had no idea the real evil that ISIS was. I’m also watching the mass exodus of people that was a result of ISIS and American forces going to war right in the city. People being killed because one side dropped a bomb in an area deemed fit to be bombed because it had a heavy “enemy” presence, nobody thought of the civilians there though. It got me to thinking about the whole world in general and how people will carry out an act of atrocity against another person or groups of people without thinking about the civilians injured in the process, all the while deeming the act a success. How can the world be so conflicted ? How can two different followers of the same religion see the same act acceptable or unacceptable based upon there interpretation of the same thing ? It makes me wonder if before an interpretation is made, before a thing is evaluated how much the past experiences of a persons life affect a person perception of a thing now. I’m thinking about how I was at war with myself for so many years that as a result of a desire to inflict the anger I felt at my own failure, my failure to be a good son, a good uncle, a good brother an friend, a good human being, I went to war with all things I deemed in opposition to my existence, and man oh man it didn’t take much for that. Now I’m wondering if the deficencies that we develop as people are the real reason that the major human acts of genocide and nefarioucity have manifested. Did Hitler really hate something within himself and that’s why he murdered millions of people ? Did Christopher Columbus really feel like a failure for landing in the wrong place so the result was an angry lashing out at the indigenous people of Hispaniola resulting in yet another genocide ? And what about Pearl Harbor and the emperor of Japan who ordered the hit ? What was his inner demon ? I’m just wondering why, why, why ?

Mindfully mindless

David Hosley
DOC #1701222

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